Streamlining the flow of traffic & effective communication with the traffic environment is possible with standard colors & shapes of signboards. Colors can tell you as much about the sign’s message as the entire sign itself.

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Every color used on a sign has a meaning attached to lớn it and tells the driver what to lớn expect ahead.

Following are the different colors used in signs to lớn convey different messages lớn motorists.

1. Red: The màu sắc red is used for signs that tell the motorists to stop or yield. The sign notifies the driver khổng lồ stop and proceed when it is safe. The rationale of a STOP sign is to lớn limit the driver from entering a crosswalk or intersection, one way and prohibited streets etc. Accidentally or at high speed.


2. Green: Green gives highway directions và guides through highway interchanges and tells you how far a place is from where you are.


3. Yellow: A general warning or caution is always depicted through this color.


4. đen / white: This màu sắc indicates enforceable laws, regulations, and ordinances.


5. Blue: xanh signs menu motorist services. These signs guide you to lớn places such as hotels, gas stations, hospitals, eating places, picnic và campgrounds etc.


6. Orange: At time of construction & work in progress, the work area is protected from traffic by orange warning signs & devices.


7. Brown: Brown color directs you to lớn public recreational areas, national parks, historic points of interest and scenic sites.


8. Fluorescent yellow-green: General warning or caution is demonstrated with fluorescent yellow-green color. The signs using this new màu sắc are much easier lớn see in low light, fog & rain. It shows pedestrian warning, bicycle warning, playground warning, school bus và school warning.


9. Red và White with red letters: Yield signs are red and white in màu sắc with red letters. This màu sắc combination alerts the drivers of the oncoming hazards on the road. It instructs the driver to lớn slow down, stop when necessary, và proceed safely và be aware of the oncoming traffic.


10. Flashing yellow light: It has the same meaning as a yield sign. This tells the driver should be cautious while passing the road or intersection.

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11. Circular red arrow: It forbids moving in the direction where the arrow points. Turning on a red arrow is not allowed.

12. Circular yellow arrow: This indicates that the driver should prepare to stop at the stop line and thus slow down. Motorists should not increase the speed lớn beat the red arrow that comes next.

13. Circular green arrow: It indicates the right of way to lớn progress through the turn. Before moving ahead, drivers should yield for other vehicle & pedestrians who are still at the intersection.

Ever wonder the differences in sign colors?

Each sign on the road has different meanings khổng lồ them and Students at Legacy Driving Academy learn the meaning of the traffic signs & their colors they will come across on the road.

These include Stop Signs, Wrong Way, Yield và Do Not Enter signs. These signs almost always mean that you will be making a complete stop in some fashion.


Most white road signs denote a tốc độ limits, turn lanes, One Way Roads. They can also tell a driver whether they can make a U Turn in from their lane. Although in Phoenix if a sign does not tell you “No U Turn” you can legally make a U Turn as long as safe without issue.


An orange road sign alerts the driver that there is construction or potential danger ahead. Also, to remain cautious and drive slow as needed or denoted to pass through. These signs are vivid orange color with black symbols or black text. However, speeds are not required khổng lồ change unless a sign mentions that there is a tốc độ change. Yet a tốc độ change is recommended khổng lồ keep the driver & workers safe.


A green sign is there to lớn tell you where you need khổng lồ be lớn get where you are going. These signs help the driver get to lớn the destination where they need to lớn go. Green signs on the freeway tell the driver what the next three exits are. Also, green signs on the highway can tell the driver how far away the next city so they can prepare for how they plan to lớn proceed.


Yellow signs are Warning Signs of possible danger ahead; generally shaped like a diamond. Included in these warnings are two way traffic, cattle ahead, pedestrians & merging. The importance of understanding these drastic differences in warnings can show a driver warnings on the road. A rail road crossing sign is another example of a yellow warning sign.


Blue road signs are motorists service guidance signs that tell the driver about services along the road. They can signify where there are rest services, a gọi box (California), food, fuel và hospital.

Fluorescent Green

Signs that have a green fluorescence have an extreme emphasis of school, bicycle or pedestrian crossing. Included are playgrounds và school bus stop ahead.


Brown road signs show a driver areas of public recreation also included are of cultural and historical significance. National monuments & hiking trails are included in these colored signs.


Signs that are pink indicate that there is an unplanned incident scene ahead và are often included with flares on the road if necessary. The importance of a pink road sign is lớn prepare yourself for almost anything.

The traffic sign colors and what they mean are there to lớn help ease the driver into what they are seeing. Màu sắc coordinating và their shapes makes them easier to lớn identify và remember what they are are telling the driver.