Even the most careful drivers can get a ticket at least once in their lives. Whether it"s for smoking in a non-smoking area or for throwing garbage in the wrong place, we’ve all paid fines for doing something we shouldn"t.

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If you’re a motorist in the Philippines, chances are you"ve already received a ticket from the Land Transportation Office (LTO) for violating a traffic rule or two. After all, we"re all human—there are some days when you just forget or đại bại your cool.

However, the goal is to avoid thesefinesor penalties in the future. You canachieve that asa responsible & knowledgeable motorist bytaking lưu ý of these LTO violationsand penalties in 2023.

LTO Violations và Penalties 2023: Traffic & Administrative Violations

Before you hit the road, read up on these LTO violations and penalties in 2023.

License-Related LTO Violations


❌ Driving Without a Valid License

LTO fine: ₱3,000

Going for a quick drive but too lazy to get a driving license? Think twice before starting your vehicle then. The penalty for driving without a license in the Philippines is a hefty ₱3,000.

The fine for this license-related LTO violation also applies to lớn those carrying a delinquent, expired, suspended, revoked, improper, or fake driver’s license.

Heads up,student drivers! You"ll also have to lớn pay this no-licensepenalty if you getcaught driving without a duly licensed driver.

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❌ Not Wearing a Seat Belt

LTO fine: ₱1,000 to ₱5,000

Wearing your seat belt should be the very first thing you bởi vì when you get inside your vehicle. For drivers và passengers who fail to vị so, prepare lớn pay the LTO fee of ₱1,000 on your first offense. If you"re a second-time offender, you"ll need to lớn pay a fine of ₱2,000. For the third offense & every succeeding one, the fine will be ₱5,000.

You"ll also pay the same fine if you allow kids six years old and below to lớn sit inthe front seat. Aside from the fine, your driver"s license will also be suspended for one week.

❌ Reckless Driving

LTO fine: ₱2,000 to ₱10,000

The penalty for reckless driving in the Philippines includes a fine plus suspension of your driver"s license. If you get caughtdriving recklesslythe first time, the penalty is ₱2,000. If you still don"t learn your lesson & get caughtthe second time, you"ll get a fine of ₱3,000 anda three-month suspension on your driver"s license.

On your third & subsequent offenses, the penalty will be ₱10,000, plus six months"suspension or revocation of your driver"s license.

In June 2022, a hit-and-run incident involving an SUV driver và a security guard in Mandaluyong city went viral. The LTO found the erring driver liable for reckless driving (his fourth time) & for violating the Land Transportation and Traffic Code when he abandoned the scene and the victim. The LTO revoked the driver"s license and "perpetually disqualified" him from securing a license và driving a vehicle.<1>

Such is the kind of situation you don"t want to get into, so always practice safe driving & keep a cool head on the road.

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❌ Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol and/or Prohibited Drugs

LTO fine: ₱50,000 khổng lồ ₱500,000

This is a serious violation with serious consequences under the Anti-Drunk và Drugged Driving Act. If your violation didn"t result in physically injuring or killing someone, the penalty will be three months of imprisonment and a fine of ₱50,000 to lớn ₱100,000.<2>

However, if the violation resulted in physical injuries, the penalty will be as stated in Article 263 of the Revised Penal Code,<3> plus a fine of ₱150,000 lớn ₱250,000.

If the violation resulted in homicide, the penalty will be as stated in Article 249 of the Revised Penal Code,<4> plus a fine of ₱350,000 to ₱500,000.

If you"re carrying a non-professional driver’s license, it will be confiscated & suspended for 18 months on the first conviction. On the second conviction, it will be perpetually revoked.

If you"re carrying a professional driver’s license, it will be confiscated và perpetually revoked on the first conviction. Moreover, the driver will also be disqualified from gettingany kind of driver"s license after that.

❌ Not Wearing a Helmet

LTO fine: ₱1,500 khổng lồ ₱10,000

Motorcycle riders và their back riders should always wear a helmet whenever they travel. Failure to vì chưng so will warrant applicable LTO motorcycle fines & penalties this 2023:

First offense: ₱1,500Second offense: ₱3,000Third offense: ₱5,000Fourth and succeeding offenses: ₱10,000

Aside from the 2023 penalties stated above for this no-helmet violation, the driver"s license will be confiscated for the fourth & succeeding offenses. Furthermore, motorcycle riders và their back riders will be fined if found wearing substandard helmets or those without the ICC sticker.

❌ Obstruction

LTO fine: ₱1,000

If you block the không tính phí passage of other vehicles on the highway, whether it"s whileloading or unloading passengers or freight, or any other similar instances, you"ll have lớn pay the LTO obstruction violation fee for 2023 as well.

Number Plate-Related Violations & Penalties

❌ Number Plate Not Firmly Attached

LTO fine: ₱5,000

Be aware of different LTO violations on plate numbers. For instance, make sureyour license plate is properly attached lớn your vehicle.

For a no-plateviolation, you"ll incur a hefty fine of ₱5,000. Driving with a loose number plate may not only cause damage lớn your vehicle but also risk your safety and that of other motorists you nội dung the road with.

❌ LTO Sticker Violation

LTO fine: ₱5,000

This fine applies khổng lồ motorists & motorcycle riders attaching improper third-party stickers or tampering with LTO stickers. For LTO decals violations, you"ll also incur the same penalty.

❌ Tampering with License Plates

LTO fine: ₱5,000

Aside from the fine, the unauthorized license plate will be removed và confiscated as well.

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❌ Illegal Transfer or Use of Regularly Issued Vehicle Plates, Tags, or Stickers

LTO fine: ₱10,000

If yourvehicle is involved in the illegal transfer of plates or stickers, yourlicense will be suspended for three months.

If the vehicle was used in criminal activity, you"d be required to pay an LTO penalty of ₱12,000. The plates, registration certificate, and Official Receipt would also be suspended for two years.

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Note that security plates on authorized vehicles are exempted from the LTO fine.

Parts & Accessories-Related Violations & Penalties

❌ Driving with a Defective Tail Light

LTO fine: ₱5,000

The defective tail light penalty can really hurt your wallet. So as a responsible motorist, kiểm tra that everything is working properly before you hit the road. This fine for defective/improper/unauthorized accessories, devices, equipment, and parts also applies to the following:

Early warning device (EWD)Grill/s
Foot và hand brakes
Brake lights, headlights, interior lights, signal lights
Metallic tires/spare tire
Any other accessory, device, equipment, or part that may risk road safety

Apart from paying the fine, your vehicle will also be impounded until you replace or properly install the said part. Unauthorized plates, accessories, or devices will be confiscated as well.

❌ Smoke Belching

LTO fine: ₱2,000 to lớn ₱6,000

When caught for smoke belching for the first time, you"ll have to lớn pay a ₱2,000 penalty. For the second offense, apprehended motorists will face a fine of ₱4,000. For the third offense, violators will get a ₱6,000 penalty plus a one-year suspension of the vehicle’s registration.

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FAQs on LTO Violations and Penalties in 2023


1. How to kiểm tra LTO violation in 2023?

You can easily check the LTO violations you"ve cachseo.committed, if any, throughthe LTMS Online Portal (portal.lto.gov.ph). Enroll for an account first & then log in to the LTO portal. Click on Violations lớn see your demerit points (the point/s you get for every cachseo.committed driving or traffic violation).

To check your unsettled violations, click the Unsettled tab. The History tab isfor viewing the violations you"ve already settled.

2. How much is the LTO fine & penalty in 2023 for a DTS violation?

The Disregarding Traffic Sign (DTS) penalty this 2023 is ₱1,000. This 2023 DTS violation fee applies to lớn all driver activities that don"t follow road rules & traffic signs while driving.

3. How much is the LTO fine and penalty in 2023 for brake light violation?

If your brake light is defective, you"ll be fined ₱5,000. It"s the same forthe no tail light violation fee.

4. What is an LTO alarm violation?

LTO alarms are placed on vehicles with bad LTO records. This may be because its driver was apprehended, or because the vehicle is a "hot car" that was previously carnapped.

5. Where can I pay my LTO violation fee this 2023?

Settle your fines at any LTO branch & satellite office. You can also pay your fines online throughthe LTOPortal.

6. Does the LTO fine dealerships for slow registration processes?

Fed up with waiting for your dealership to process your vehicle registration? Registration for four-wheeled vehicles should take seven khổng lồ 11 days, while registration for motorcycles should take only three to lớn five days.

In February 2023, the LTO fined dealerships that took up to lớn 11 days lớn process the registration of motorcycles with a penalty of ₱20,000.<5>

Final Thoughts

Motorists, motorcycle riders, và passengers can easily avoidfinesif they follow the rules. So lớn avoid the above-mentioned fines, stay alert on the road và keep these
LTO violations & penalties in 2023 in mind.

Note: These are just some of the 2023 LTO violations in the Philippines. Clickon the liên kết below<6>for the cachseo.complete list.

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As per the stats released by the MMDA, a total of 110,668 violations were recorded back in 2018. The data also includes a breakdown of each traffic rule showing the number of motorists who failed to lớn follow it. Given that, we were able khổng lồ see và identify the cachseo.commontraffic violations in the Philippines that are often breached by many drivers in Metro Manila.


Traffic signs are important on the road as the images convey information, instruction, or warnings amongst drivers. Every traffic sign should be followed, unfortunately, not all motorists conform to lớn this rule. In 2018, a total of 44,433 traffic sign-related violations were recorded making it the most cachseo.committed traffic rule cachseo.compared to lớn others. Those who failed lớn conform will then be charged with P150 for the first, second, and third violations.


There are two scenarios that can describe this violation. First is blocking the không tính phí passage of other vehicles on highways whilst unloading freight và taking or discharging passengers, the other one is driving in such a way that it obstructs the passage of another vehicle. In 2018, a total of 32,155 obstruction-related violations were recorded by the MMDA. The following violators will be charged with P150 for the first, second, và third violations.


Before the COVID-19 pandemic struck, the number coding scheme was in full implementation within Metro Manila, in fact, it was one of the most cachseo.commonly cachseo.committed traffic violations in the country. In 2017, about 13,702 motorists have violated the Unified Vehicle Volume Reduction Program or the number coding scheme. The penalty shall require drivers to pay P300 for the first, second, and third violations.


This is probably a cachseo.common scenario along roads, malls, và other private establishments. As loading & unloading on prohibited areas could disturb the flow of traffic. In 2018, about 10,316 violations were recorded in relation to lớn loading and unloading passengers in prohibited areas. This violation carries a penalty of P150 for the first, second, and third violations.

The MMDA has imposed a law in order khổng lồ promote the proper usage of lanes on major thoroughfares. In 2017, the MMDA recorded a total of 7,654 Bus & PUJ drivers violated the ordinance. Aside from that, many private vehicles also use yellow lanes which also qualifies for a penalty, about 7,671 motorists were caught in the act last 2017. While private vehicles that are using the yellow lane are penalized with a P500 fine.

For buses & PUJs who failed lớn conform with this policy, they are then khổng lồ be charged with P1,000 for the first, second, và third violations.

The MMDA’s truck ban is currently suspended, though for context, what it really does is prohibit usually restricts large trucks, including 10-wheeler wing vans from driving on certain roads. This ordinance usually maintains the flow of trucks on the roads, because aside from the supposed build-up of traffic, these trucks might also cause potential accidents or rather hinder the safety of most local motorists. It also gives them a window khổng lồ traverse the roads without impeding during rush hour.

Traversing through E. Rodriguez Avenue, Taft Avenue, & España Street during the restricted hours warrants a penalty of P2,000. EDSA also prohibits cargo trucks to lớn traverse, except on holidays và Sundays. Otherwise, the driver will be fined P500 for the first, second, và third offense.

This includes junked or dilapidated motor vehicles in Metro Manila or using any vehicle or even its attachments on a public road, thoroughfare, or street and deemed to be incapable of proceeding through its own motive power. In 2018, a total of 4,018 violations were recorded in relation to lớn this traffic rule. Those who failed to lớn conform will then be charged with P200 for the first, second, và third violations.

From the word itself, this violation is characterized by driving carelessly on the road which could cause a possible accident or damage lớn property. In 2018, a total of 3,113 violations were recorded for reckless driving. Reckless driving penalty in the Philippines will require violators a P500 penalty for a first offense, followed by the second offense which will be a P750 penalty, next will be the suspension of driver’s license, and finally, a revocation of driver"s license along with a fine of P1,000.

Illegal parking is very cachseo.common in the Philippines, which is why the government has imposed a rule on this in order to encourage the passengers to park properly. In 2018, 1,896 vehicles violated the traffic rule, while 2,883 vehicles were towed after not conforming with the policy.

Those who leave their vehicles on NO PARKING zones or areas will then be charged with a penalty of P200 for the first, second, and third offenses. While those who are lớn be towed will carry a penalty of P500 for the first, second, and third offense.

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