Fetch excellent unique GIFs from Twitter on your device’s gallery instantly. Try this free Twitter GIF Downloader to save countless GIFs straight away. 


Twitter GIF Downloader by Small

Download Twitter GIFs become a no-uphill task with the assistance of our online Twitter GIF Downloader. This is an advanced facility that enables you to fetch & copy GIF from Twitter on your personal device. You won’t have to learn any skill or follow the intricate process to save Twitter GIFs from your favourite social truyền thông platform. Moreover, all the GIFs you tải về using our GIF Twitter downloader won’t include any watermark that allows you to giới thiệu them on any platform with complete authority.

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How to download GIFs from Twitter?

Follow the straightforward steps mentioned below to download GIF from Twitter using our web-based Twitter GIF saver.

Copy the link of a Tweet containing a GIF. Paste the links on this GIF Twitter downloader. Click the “Download Twitter GIF” button to save GIF from Twitter.

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Is it Possible to tải về Twitter Videos on this tool?

Yes! You can also tải về Twitter videos with our GIF downloader, but if you encounter any errors while downloading, just switch lớn our Twitter video clip downloader.

How to Save a GIF from Twitter On i

Simply copy the URL of the GIF & paste it into this tool. Then, press the “Download Twitter GIF” button khổng lồ save Twitter GIF on your personal device instantly.

How vì chưng I tải về Twitter GIFs Without Losing Quality?

Using our web-based Twitter GIF downloader HD tool, you can save GIF from Twitter without affecting their quality. There will be no missing or blur parts in the saved GIF.

Can I Use This Twitter GIF Saver for Free?

Of Course! The Twitter GIF tải về facility is entirely miễn phí to use. You won’t be asked to make any purchases or install the application in order to tải về GIF from Twitter using this tool.

What Is the Shortcut khổng lồ Save A GIF from Twitter?

Save GIF from Twitter as per your preference with our miễn phí download GIF Twitter tool. This facility gives you the simplest way lớn fetch GIFs on your personal device without facing any ambiguities.

Spotting super cool GIFs lately? Learn how to lớn save a GIF from Twitter using third-party apps, và never miss a chance to nội dung animated memes with your friends.

Twitter is the metaphorical land of GIFs and memes. & if you’ve fallen into the trap of uncontrollably scrolling through your Twitter feed, we’re certain you’ve seen some utterly cool, funny GIFs.

But don’t let those great GIFs go! Instead, save them on your phone or PC, and share them with your family và friends.

There’s only one catch, though. Saving GIFs from Twitter isn’t intuitive. The platform doesn’t provide a distinct tải về button. Instead, you’ll need a helping hand from third-party software. But once you have the right tools, downloading GIFs is simple.

Store this valuable asset in a closed treasure for future chats, và become a GIF aficionado. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how lớn save a GIF from Twitter.

What’s a GIF, và how does it work on Twitter?

GIFs, short for Graphics Interchange Formats, are bitmap images.

Although a GIF may look lượt thích a looped video, it’s technically a series of pictures – an animation. This means in most places on social media and the web, GIFs act as image files.

Twitter, however, converts GIFs lớn looped đoạn clip files. You can’t save GIFs as easily from the app as you might with images. To lớn save an image file on Twitter, you simply right-click on the image and tải về it on your computer. Or, tap on the three dots in the upper right-hand corner of the picture, và save it to the phone. But since Twitter doesn’t allow you to download videos, it’s challenging to save GIFs. As such, third-party apps propose a workaround.

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How to download a GIF from Twitter

A good GIF is hard to lớn find. Luckily, you can download hysterical GIFs from Twitter using a third-party tool. Be sure lớn leverage a reputable tiện ích with a solid rating. Although many options are available, we recommend researching before downloading from the i
OS or game android App Store.

Since Twitter works on phones và PCs, you can tải về GIFs on both. Here’s how.

On a desktop

If you’re browsing Twitter on the web and see a save-worthy GIF, use the following steps to download that hilarious looped clip.

Open Twitter in a website browser.Right-click on the GIF.Select the option to lớn copy the link.Paste the GIF links into the corresponding field.Select the option to download the clip.Twitter clip Downloader saves the GIF as an MP4. If you want khổng lồ store your file as a GIF, follow the next step.Scroll down and click “Convert your GIF!”Scroll down again and tap on “Save.”On apk phones

Use Twitter GIF downloader tools such as Tweet2GIF, & follow the below steps to save the GIF.

Download Tweet2GIF (or a similar application).Open the Twitter tiện ích for Android.Locate the GIF you want to download.Tap on the mô tả icon.Click “Share Via” from the pop-up menu.Tap on the Tweet2gif icon.Select download GIF khổng lồ save the animation to your phone.On i

Save a Twitter GIF on your i
Phone using a third-party tool such as GIFwrapped and the following steps.

Download GIFwrapped (or a similar tool) from the Apple phầm mềm Store.Open the Twitter phầm mềm for i
OS.Locate the GIF you want to lớn download.Copy the GIF links address, & paste it into the tìm kiếm bar of the GIFwrapped app.Hit Search.You’ll see the GIF in the GIFwrapped gallery.Tap the giới thiệu icon.Select whether to save the GIF khổng lồ your library or photos from the pop-up menu.

Voilà! The most famous animated GIFs are now yours – send them in your personal or group chats.


If you still have some lingering questions or want to lớn learn more about this popular content format, kiểm tra out the following FAQs & brush up on your GIF knowledge.

Do GIFs have to lớn be funny?

Many GIFs get a laugh, but there are more serious ones, too. Some of these animations contain inspirational or kind messages or cutesy graphics.

What’s the difference between a GIF và a meme?

A GIF is animated, while a meme is a static image. Memes also usually contain text to lớn complement the photo. The text on the meme is a punchline, while a GIF is often the punchline itself.

Are GIFs stickers?

Not necessarily. GIFs are only stickers if they don’t have a background. So if the moving image in a GIF is a cut-out, the image counts as a sticker.

How bởi you pronounce ‘GIF?’

Don’t sweat the fierce debate on the internet on this point. Pronounce this word however you please. Merriam-Webster & the Oxford English Dictionary approve both the hard “g” và soft “g” sounds, which means you can điện thoại tư vấn it both “GIF” or “JIF.”

Can I edit a saved GIF?

Yes, of course. All you’ll need is an online editing tool such as GIPHY lớn modify a GIF. Downloadable third-party apps such as Gif
Lab và Img
Play also let users edit GIFs on their phones.

Up your Twitter game

GIFs are great interactive elements for your Tweets (or regular chats). Stand out from the Twitterati community, and leverage the “breaking news” platform’s tools & settings khổng lồ boost your social truyền thông presence.

Take a crash course on writing a brief but brilliant bio, gaining more followers, correctly sizing images for Twitter và finding your personal URL for the app.

Speaking of URLs, grab cachseo.comee’s không tính tiền URL and handle all your social truyền thông media accounts in one place. Channel your entire focus on content and GIFs, & we’ll take care of the management!