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We do not share, rent or sell our lists!What Information You Provide is Always Private.

Member-Provided Information: As part of the World thành viên registration process, a prospective thành viên is asked khổng lồ provide an thư điện tử address và interest category selections. The prospective member, at his or her option, may voluntarily provide additional information, including personal, geographic & demographic information. World uses this data khổng lồ assemble broad demographic information about World Members in general. The primary purpose of this data collection is lớn ensure that World Members receive relevant, targeted offers và information from World

Web Traffic Information: World also collects và monitors incoming và outgoing web site traffic data to help diagnose problems with its servers and to administer its web site.

"Contact Us" Information: World uses "contact us" forms as a way for World Customers, potential customers and World Members khổng lồ communicate with World World collects the information supplied by the sender of the "contact us" khung in order to lớn establish và maintain relationships with Customers, potential customers và World Members. World also uses email liên kết located on various pages of the World web site to lớn allow you to liên hệ World with questions or comments you may have. World welcomes these thư điện tử communications và makes efforts to respond to lớn these communications where appropriate. E-mail communications và the ideas sent khổng lồ World in these e-mail communications become the property of World World uses the email communications to evaluate and improve its services & Web site. World also may save these email communications as an archive to address member questions and concerns, for auditing purposes và to ensure privacy compliance with third-party internet Service Providers.

The Use of Cookies and Clear GIFsAs an important và necessary part of providing customizable và personalized services lớn our World Members, World uses cookies and Clear GIFs to store và sometimes track information about you. A cookie or Clear GIF is a small amount of data that is sent to lớn a Member"s browser from a website server & stored on your computer hard drive. Areas of World"s website site where World Members are prompted lớn log in or that are customizable require acceptance of cookies and Clear GIFs. Cookies và Clear GIFs are also used to lớn help World track the response to lớn messages sent to Members on behalf of Customers so that World can monitor & report chiến dịch results to lớn the Customer & track response history. With respect khổng lồ cookies & Clear GIFs, you have a choice. By modifying your browser preferences, you have the choice khổng lồ accept all cookies và Clear GIFs, khổng lồ be notified when a cookie or Clear GIF is set, or lớn reject all cookies and Clear GIFs. If you choose lớn reject all cookies & Clear GIFs, you will be unable khổng lồ use those World services that require the use of cookies or Clear GIFs in order khổng lồ participate.

Children"s Online Privacy ProtectionThe safety of children is important khổng lồ us. World"s web site is a general audience site and is not directed khổng lồ children under the age of 13. Similarly, World"s services are not directed to lớn nor intended for anyone under the age of 13. World will not knowingly accept members who are under the age of 13 years, nor will it knowingly collect or maintain personally identifiable information from or about anyone under the age of 13 years. Accordingly, when registering khổng lồ become a World Member, the new member must certify that he or she is not under the age of 13. World relies on the truthfulness of this certification when accepting new World Members. In the sự kiện that World receives information that establishes that a member is under the age of 13 years, World reserves the right, which it will exercise, to lớn terminate that Member"s membership. World will also delete all information in its databases about that terminated Member. If you believe World has any information from or about anyone under 13, please use our tương tác Us form.

Use và Protection of member InformationWorld uses Member-Provided Information to lớn deliver World"s services. Thus, Member-Provided Information is used by World in identifying information that may be of interest lớn World Members. A World Member"s thư điện tử address will be used by World to tương tác that thành viên about matters in which World believes the thành viên may be interested. World also uses Member-Provided Information lớn monitor, interpret, analyze và report campaign results.

In an attempt to customize World"s services và provide Members with the information they may be most interested in, World also conducts research on World Members" demographics, interests, and behavior based upon Member-Provided Information and Other Information that World may collect from third-party sources and/or through the use of "cookies" and/or "Clear GIFs" (see above). World may combine or otherwise overlay some or all of the foregoing information khổng lồ build profiles about World Members, which may be individual-specific or in aggregate form.

By becoming a World Member, you consent to World employing the foregoing techniques in its continuing efforts lớn better serve its Members by providing them with the information in which they may be most interested.

World undertakes substantial efforts to lớn protect the confidentiality of Member-Provided Information & will never knowingly allow access khổng lồ this information lớn anyone outside World other than to the World member or as described in this Privacy Policy. World uses công nghệ to preserve the anonymity of World Members while matching the Members" interests with targeted information sent via email. World has made a substantial investment in its server, database, backup và firewall technologies khổng lồ protect the information assets of the World, including the confidentiality of Member-Provided Information . These technologies are deployed as part of a sophisticated security architecture & protocol.

You should also vị your part in protecting your information. Your World user name & password are confidential & we recommend that you not divulge them to lớn anyone. Unfortunately, neither the World Network nor data transmission over the internet can be guaranteed lớn be 100% secure. As a result, while we strive lớn protect World Member-Provided Information, World cannot ensure or warrant the security of Member-Provided Information. Thus, any information a thành viên transmits to lớn us is done so at the Member"s own risk. Once we receive the Member-Provided Information, World undertakes substantial efforts khổng lồ protect the confidentiality of this information consistent with this Policy.

Chaos Scatter

Adding realistic details lượt thích trees, grass, flowers, rocks, cars in a parking lot, and fallen leaves to your scene can be tedious or impossible khổng lồ place by hand. With Chaos Scatter, this isn’t a problem you’ll ever have to face.


Trees, grass, shrubs, and rocks are placed using Chaos Scatter, including limiting the trees from steep slopes, and carving out the roadway with splines

With Chaos Scatter, you can easily place trees, grass, shrubs, & rocks in your scene, limit the trees from steep slopes, & carve out the roadway with splines.

Chaos Scatter comes with a wide range of controls so you can achieve the exact results you’re looking for:

Control & randomize scale, rotation, & translation, including limiting randomization to certain stepping values
Slope limitation, so that your trees don’t grow on cliffs ;)

Scatter altitude khổng lồ define upper and lower limits for scattering. For example, you can phối upper và lower limits for a treeline & waterline, and scatter some clouds around mountain tops to create captivating scenery.Use the Look At control to have scattered objects look in the same direction.


Corona Pattern

Now you can tile real geometry over a surface, with the same ease as you’d tile a texture. Not only does this give you far more realism than you’d ever obtain with alpha, bump, và displacement maps, it also requires far less memory than those alternatives.


To get a quick grasp of when this is useful, think of things such as:

Fabrics, where those are made of knitted or woven strands
Wire fences
Jewelry such as chains


Of course once you get lớn grips with the tool, you’ll start khổng lồ think of many other ways in which it can be used, raising the realism of your scenes to a whole new level.

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Corona Decal

Markings on a road, cracks in concrete, smudges & dirt on glass — all of these are essential details in adding realism khổng lồ your scene, và the new Corona decal makes it easy khổng lồ tackle these and more.

How does the Corona de-cal improve on the old method of working with layered materials?

Easy khổng lồ set up:You can move, rotate & scale them using the helper object in the viewport so that you can place them exactly where you want, or scatter them where randomness is required, or even animate them where it makes sense.Stackable:It’s easy lớn stack decals, so your road markings can be affected by cracks in the road. This is controlled visually by how far each decal object is from the surface.Fully supports displacement:Craters, cracks, bumps, dimples, carvings, and more. With displacement, you can have the realism you are looking for when adding these features.Affect only chosen channels:Add displacement for a crack in a brick wall without affecting the Diffuse màu sắc of the wall, and more, by choosing which channels of the base material a de-cal affects, và which it leaves unchanged.Affect multiple objects:One decal can affect all objects it overlaps, regardless of the materials those objects use, so that your paint splashes can affect multiple objects. An include/exclude menu lets you adjust this as necessary.
In this example, a patterned Chaos Scatter created this brick road, & the Decals apply over all of the individual instanced bricks without any extra work!

Corona Slicer

Sometimes, you want to lớn see the outside và the inside at the same time. For example, you might lượt thích to slice off the top of a house to lớn see the layout of the rooms within, or view a oto with a cut away to show the engine inside, and so on. Corona Slicer will be your go-to tool for these situations!

Corona Slicer is a material you can apply lớn any object, turning that object into a “slicer” that will cut away geometry non-destructively at render time. You can animate this slicer object, and it all works without the inconsistencies of any sort of boolean operations in the host software.

You can control what happens to sliced surfaces, choosing to have no capping, or khổng lồ create caps which can either use the material from the sliced geometry or from the material plugged into the Slicer’s Material slot.

Pro Tip: You can use the Rayswitcher when setting up the material, lớn make the geometry invisible khổng lồ the camera but leave it still casting shadows. One use case would be wanting lớn cut away the roof of a house lớn see the interior, but not have the interior flooded by environment lighting. You can see a material mix up and comparison of the results below:

Corona Lister

Easily find và control the most important settings for Lights, Displacement, Proxies, Cameras, and Scatters using the Corona Lister & Scatter Lister. Corona 11 comes with an improved Lister feature in Cinema 4D.

Proxy: .cgeo

Corona comes with its own proxy format, .cgeo. The format is cross platform (you will be able khổng lồ use it in 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, Chaos Corona standalone, or any other future platform). It uses compression, so it is small & fast to lớn save, load, and to upload to renderfarms. Proxy models are always converted to lớn millimeters and properly scaled when loading into scenes that use different units.

The proxy contains human–readable metadata at the beginning of each file, for example the name of the source object and its material, making them friendly khổng lồ your pipeline.

Support for vrmesh Proxy Files

The Corona Proxy can load vrmesh proxies that contain only mesh data (additional features such as hair, levels of detail, particles, etc. Are not supported).

3ds Max UI remains unblocked while rendering

Ever started a render, then minimized 3ds Max to get at something else on your desktop, only to lớn find you can’t maximize Max again until the render is done? Ever started a render then wanted to check a setting in a different tab in Max, only to find that Max is locked? Those annoyances become a thing of the past, as rendering in Corona does not block the 3ds Max UI!

Cinema 4 chiều does not natively support tooltips, but in Chaos Corona 7 and newer we have found a method for adding them anyway! We"ve started with tooltips for the Corona Materials, and if they prove popular we will expand that lớn other parts of the Corona UI.

Corona power Tools (3ds Max)

Corona power nguồn Tools are designed khổng lồ speed up repetitive and tedious thiết kế adjustments.

Object Replacer - Replaces the selected objects with the objects that were added lớn the table of replacing objects.Selection Randomizer - Randomizes the current selection of objects based on the percentage/count of the selected objects.
Pivot Placer - Comes in two modes: it can shift the pivot of the selected objects via modifying the offset of their axes.; & it can place the pivot of the selected object to the selected point on that object.Transform Randomizer - Transforms the chosen objects based on their axes và variation range. Types of transformations are translation, rotation, & scaling.Scene Cleaner - Cleans the scene from the options that are provided as checkboxes, such as removing animation keys or layers, clearing the Undo / Redo stack, và more.

Download Corona

We invite you to test drive Chaos Corona for miễn phí for 30 days without any limitations! Get the trial.