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Từ điển Việt Anh Việt 4in1 - English Vietnamese 4 in 1 Dictionary
sit S1 W1 /sɪt/ Br
E Am
E verb (past tense & past participle sat /sæt/, present participle sitting)
. IN A CHAIR ETC a) (also be sitting down) lớn be on a chair or seat, or on the ground, with the vị trí cao nhất half of your toàn thân upright & your weight resting on your ↑buttocks sit on/in/by etc I sat on the shore & looked at the sea. She was sitting in a chair by the fire. She’s the girl who sits next to lớn me at school. In the driving seat sat a man of average height. Sit at a desk/table etc (=sit facing it) Jean sat at the table writing a letter. Sit doing something They sat sipping their drinks. We used lớn sit và listen khổng lồ her for hours. B) (also sit down) lớn get into a sitting position somewhere after you have been standing up: He came over & sat beside her. Sam sat opposite her and accepted a cigarette. C) (also sit somebody down) to lớn make someone sit, or help them to lớn sit sit somebody on/in etc something I gently led her to lớn the chair và sat her on it. 2. OBJECTS/BUILDINGS ETC to be in a particular position or condition sit on/in etc a little church sitting on a hillside The parliament building sits in a large square. He’s got a computer sitting on his desk, but he doesn’t use it. My climbing boots were sitting unused in a cupboard. The house has sat empty for two years. 3. DO NOTHING lớn stay in one place for a long time, especially sitting down, doing nothing useful or helpful: I spent half the morning sitting in a traffic jam. Well, I can’t sit here chatting all day. Are you just going to sit there complaining? 4. COMMITTEE/PARLIAMENT ETC khổng lồ be a thành viên of a committee, parliament, or other official group sit in/on They both sat on the management committee. He was the first journalist lớn sit in parliament. 5. MEETING lớn have a meeting in order to lớn carry out official business: The council only sits once a month. The court will sit until all the evidence has been heard. 6. ANIMAL/BIRD a) lớn be in, or get into, a resting position, with the tail over of the toàn thân resting on a surface: The cát likes to lớn sit on the wall outside the kitchen. B) Sit! used to lớn tell a dog lớn sit with the tail kết thúc of its toàn thân resting on the ground or floor c) if a bird sits on its eggs, it covers them with its body toàn thân to make the eggs ↑hatch 7. LOOK AFTER to lớn look after a baby or child while its parents are out SYN babysit 8. sit tight spoken a) to stay where you are và not move: Just sit tight – I’ll be there in five minutes. B) lớn stay in the same situation, & not change your mind & do anything new: We’re advising all our investors khổng lồ sit tight till the market improves. 9. be sitting pretty to lớn be in a very good or favourable position: We’ve paid off the mortgage, so we’re sitting pretty now. 10. sit in judgment (on/over somebody) to give your opinion about whether someone has done something wrong, especially when you have no right to bởi this: How can you sit in judgment on somebody you hardly know? 11. not sit well/easily/comfortably (with somebody) if a situation, plan etc does not sit well with someone, they vì not lượt thích it: He had never before been accused of stealing, and it did not sit well with him. 12. sit on the fence khổng lồ avoid saying which side of an argument you tư vấn or what your opinion is about a particular subject: The weakness of the book is that it sits on the fence on important issues. 13. sit on your hands lớn delay taking action when you should vị something: Workers are losing their jobs while the government sits on its hands & does nothing. 14. EXAMS British English to lớn take an examination: Tracy’s sitting her GCSEs this year. Sit for They were preparing children to lớn sit for the entry examination. 15. PICTURE/PHOTO to sit somewhere so that you can be painted or photographed sit for She sat for (=was painted by) Holman Hunt and Millais. • • • COLLOCATIONS
▪ sit still (=without moving) Young children find it almost impossible lớn sit still.

Bạn đang xem: Sit in traffic là gì

▪ sit quietly (=without talking) Mac sat quietly in the back of the car. ▪ be sitting comfortably She was sitting comfortably on the sofa. ▪ sit up straight/sit upright (=with your back straight) Sit up straight at the table, Maddie. ▪ sit bolt upright (=suddenly sit up very straight, for example because you hear something) Suddenly she sat bolt upright and said, ‘What was that?’ ▪ sit cross-legged (=with your legs bent & crossed over in front of you) She sat cross-legged on the grass. • • • THESAURUS ▪ sit to be resting your weight on your bottom somewhere, or khổng lồ move into this position: He was sitting in front of the fire. | She sat on the bed and kicked off her shoes. | Who is the man sitting next to lớn Karen? ▪ sit down lớn sit on a chair, bed, floor etc after you have been standing: I sat down on the sofa. | Come in & sit down. ▪ be seated formal to be sitting in a particular chair or place: John was seated on my left. | There was a man seated behind the desk. ▪ take a seat lớn sit – used especially when asking someone lớn sit down: Please take a seat – she will be with you in a minute. | Would the audience please take their seats – the show will begin in five minutes.

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▪ sink into something lớn sit in a comfortable chair and let yourself fall back into it: We switched on the TV và sank into our armchairs. ▪ lounge to sit in a very comfortable relaxed way: They lounged around all day by the pool. ▪ perch to lớn sit on the edge of something: He perched on the arm of the sofa. | My sister was perched (=was sitting) on a high stool. ▪ be slumped to lớn be sitting while leaning against something, especially because you are injured, drunk, or asleep: They found him slumped against the steering wheel. ▪ squat to lớn sit with your knees bent under you, your bottom just off the ground, balancing on your feet: A little boy was squatting at the edge of the pool. sit around (also sit about British English) phrasal verb khổng lồ spend a lot of time sitting & doing nothing very useful: We sat around for a bit, chatting. Sit back phrasal verb 1. Khổng lồ get into a comfortable position, for example in a chair, và relax: Sit back & relax – I’ll xuất hiện a bottle of wine. 2. Khổng lồ relax and make no effort to get involved in something or influence what happens: Don’t just sit back and wait for new business to lớn come khổng lồ you. Sit by phrasal verb khổng lồ allow something wrong or illegal to lớn happen without doing anything about it: I’m not going lớn sit by and watch a man go to prison for something I’ve done. Sit down phrasal verb 1. Khổng lồ be in a sitting position or get into a sitting position: It was good khổng lồ be sitting down eating dinner with my family. Sit down, Amy – you look tired. Sit yourself down Sit yourself down and have a drink. 2. sit somebody down khổng lồ make someone sit down or help them to lớn sit down sit somebody down in/on I helped her into the room và sat her down in an armchair. 3. sit down and do something to lớn try to lớn solve a problem or deal with something that needs to lớn be done, by giving it all your attention: The three of us need to sit down & have a talk. Sit down & work out just what you spend. Sit in phrasal verb to be present at a meeting but not take an active part in it sit in on Would you lượt thích to sit in on some of my interviews? sit in for somebody phrasal verb to vày a job, go lớn a meeting etc instead of the person who usually does it: This is Alan James sitting in for Suzy Williams on the mid-morning show. Sit on something phrasal verb informal to lớn delay dealing with something: I sent my application about six weeks ago và they’ve just been sitting on it. Sit something ↔ out phrasal verb 1. To stay where you are & do nothing until something finishes, especially something boring or unpleasant: She had two weeks to lớn sit it out while she waited lớn hear if she had got the job. She was prepared to lớn sit out the years of Jack’s jail sentence. 2. Khổng lồ not take part in something, especially a game or dance, when you usually take part: Johnson sat out the trò chơi with a shoulder injury. Sit through something phrasal verb lớn attend a meeting, performance etc, và stay until the end, even if it is very long and boring: I wasn’t the least bit interested in all the speeches I had to lớn sit through. Sit up phrasal verb 1. To be in a sitting position or get into a sitting position after you have been lying down: He was sitting up in bed, reading his book. She sat up and reached for her glass. 2. sit somebody up lớn help someone to lớn sit after they have been lying down sit somebody up in/on etc I’ll sit you up on the pillows & you’ll be nice & comfortable. 3. To lớn sit in a chair with your back straight: Just sit up straight and stop slouching. 4. To lớn stay up very late: Sometimes we just sit up và watch videos all night. 5. sit up (and take notice) to suddenly start paying attention to someone, because they have done something surprising or impressive: If Maria succeeded, then everyone would sit up and take notice.s\sithusit
When you sit you rest your legs.◎
động từ; thời quá khứ và rượu cồn tính từ thừa khứ là sat ■ngồi to sit round the fire ngồi bao phủ lửa to sit on a chair/on the floor/in an armchair ngồi trên ghế/trên sàn/trên ghế bành to sit at (a) table to lớn eat ngồi ở trong bàn để nạp năng lượng to sit on a horse ngồi trên chiến mã to sit still ngồi yên are you sitting comfortably? anh ngồi có thoải mái không? to sit tight (thông tục) ngồi lỳ; không chịu nhượng bộ all the others ran away, but I sat tight mọi bạn khác đều quăng quật chạy, riêng tôi vẫn ngồi lặng tại khu vực she threatened us with dismissal if we didn"t agree, but we all sat tight bà ta doạ đuổi nếu chúng tôi không đồng ý, nhưng lại tất cả cửa hàng chúng tôi đều ko nhượng bộ never stand when you can sit đừng lúc nào đứng khi rất có thể ngồi được she sat (down) on the chair and took her shoes off bà ta ngồi xuống ghế và tháo giầy ra we must sit down together & settle our differences chúng ta phải ngồi lại cùng nhau và giải quyết những côn trùng bất hoà ■ngồi làm chủng loại để vẽ chân dung I sat every day for a week until the painting was finished cả một tuần lễ ngày như thế nào tôi cũng phải ngồi làm mẫu cho đến khi bức tranh vẽ kết thúc to sit for a famous painter ngồi làm cho mẫu cho một hoạ sĩ nổi tiếng ■(về nghị viện, toà án, ủy ban....) họp The House of Commons was still sitting at 3 am đến cha giờ sáng nhưng mà Hạ viện hãy còn họp ■(nói về chim, gà) đậu a sparrow sitting on a branch con chim sẻ đậu trên cành lá ■(nói về chim, gà) ấp the hen sits for most of the day con gà mái ấp số đông suốt một ngày dài ■(nói về chó) ngồi với nhị chân sau gập lại với mông bết xuống đất ■(to sit on somebody) (về quần áo) vừa vặn vẹo với thân bạn a dress that sits well/loosely on somebody chiếc áo vừa vặn/rộng rãi cùng với ai the coat sits badly across the shoulders mẫu áo chật vai thừa his new-found prosperity sits well on him sự bắt đầu phát đạt rất hợp với hắn ■ở vào vị trí nào đó; nằm the book"s still sitting on my shelf cuốn sách vẫn nằm trên giá đựng sách của tôi the farm sits on đứng top of the hill trang trại nằm trên đỉnh đồi ■là thí sinh của một kỳ thi to sit (for) an exam/test dự một kỳ thi/sát hạch to sit for a scholarship thi đem học bổng ngoại đụng từ ■ngồi, cưỡi to sit a horse well ngồi vững trên lưng ngựa ■đặt ai vào tứ thế ngồi sit yourself down and tell us what happened anh hãy ngồi xuống và kể cho cửa hàng chúng tôi nghe chuyện gì đã xảy ra to sit a child on the table đặt đứa nhỏ xíu ngồi lên bàn he lifted the child and sat her on the wall ông ta nâng đứa bé bỏng lên cùng đặt nó ngồi lên tường ■chứa được a theater that sits 2000 people một đơn vị hát đủ sức đựng 2000 fan

Traffic jam (n) /ˈtræfɪk dʒæm: Tắc đường
Comfortable (adj) /ˈkʌmftəbl/: Thoải mái
Annoyed (adj) /əˈnɔɪd/: khó khăn chịu
Happen (v) /ˈhæpən/: Xảy ra
Vehicle (n) /ˈviːəkl/: Phương tiện
Bet (v) /bet/: Cá
Rush hour /rʌʃ ˈaʊər/: giờ cao điểm
Office (n) /ˈɔːfɪs/: Văn phòng
Escape (v) /ɪˈskeɪp/: thoát khỏi
Trouble (n) /ˈtrʌbl/: nặng nề khăn
Client (n) /ˈklaɪənt/: khách hàng hàng
Serious (adj) /ˈsɪriəs/: Nghiêm trọng, trầm trọng


Tiếng Anh tiếp xúc chủ đề tắc đường


A: Are you comfortable with traffic jam? (Bạn bao gồm thấy dễ chịu và thoải mái với tắc đường không?)

B: Not at all. I feel annoyed. (Không. Tôi cảm giác khó chịu)

A: Why does it happen? (Tại sao nó lại xảy ra?)

B: Because there are too many vehicles on the streets during rush hours, I bet. (Vì có vô số phương tiện trên phố trong giờ đồng hồ cao điểm, tôi cá là vậy)

A: How often vì you sit in a traffic jam? (Bạn thường gặp tắc đường bao nhiêu lần?)

B: Just every day, when I finish office hour và go back home. (Hàng ngày, khi tôi không còn giờ thao tác làm việc và trở về nhà)

A: What time in a day are you usually caught in a traffic jam? (Thời điểm nào trong ngày bạn thường chạm mặt tắc đường?)

B: In rush hour at 7 a.m và 5 p.m (Trong giờ du lịch từ 7 giờ sáng đến 5 tiếng chiều)

A: How long does it take to lớn escape from the traffic jam? (Bạn mất bao thọ để thoát ra khỏi tắc đường?)

B: At least half an hour. (Ít duy nhất là nửa giờ)

A: What vị you bởi vì while waiting in a long line? (Bạn làm những gì trong khi phải mong chờ lâu?)

B: I often glance at my watch actually. (Tôi thường xuyên liếc xem đồng hồ)

A: Have you ever had any trouble caused by traffic jam? (Bạn gồm thường gặp gỡ khó khăn gây ra bởi tắc đường không?)

B: Yes, just yesterday I was late for an important meeting with my clients. (Có, mới ngày qua thôi. Tôi bị muộn cho 1 cuộc họp quan trọng với các quý khách của tôi)

A: How has the traffic situation changed recently? (Hiện tượng tắc mặt đường gần đây biến hóa như cụ nào?)

B: There are more vehicles, which makes traffic jam more và more serious. (Có nhiều phương tiện hơn, chiếc mà tạo cho sự tắc mặt đường trầm trọng hơn).


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