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Statistics say that Web

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P format can save over a half of the page weight without losing images quality.Convert PNG, JPG & GIF images lớn Web
P & speed up your web, save visitors download data, make your Google ranking better.

automated thử nghiệm after plugin activation lớn make sure it will work on your serverworks with all types of Word
Press installations: domain, subdomain, subdirectory, multisite/network
works on Apache & NGi
image URL will be not changed so it works everywhere, in src, srcset,

, even in CSS backgrounds và there is no problem with cacheoriginal files will be not touchedset chất lượng of converted imagesauto convert on uploadonly convert image if Web
P filesize is lower than original image filesizebulk convert existing images to lớn Web
P ( you can choose folders )bulk convert only missing imagesworks with `Fly Dynamic Image Resizer` plugin

Hooks for developers

Maybe you want to tư vấn also less famous JPEG extension lượt thích jpe, jfif or jif

add_filter( "itw_extensions", "extra_itw_extensions", 10, 1 );function extra_itw_extensions( $extensions ) $extensions<> = "jpe"; $extensions<> = "jfif"; $extensions<> = "jif"; return $extensions;itw_sizes
Maybe you want to disable Web

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P for thumbnails

add_filter( "itw_sizes", "disable_itw_sizes", 10, 2 );function disable_itw_sizes( $sizes, $attachment
Id ) unset( $sizes<"thumbnail"> ); return $sizes;itw_htaccess
Maybe you want to lớn modify htaccess rules somehow

add_filter( "itw_htaccess", "modify_itw_htaccess", 10, 2 );function modify_itw_htaccess( $rewrite_rules ) // vì chưng some magic here return $rewrite_rules;itw_abspath
Maybe you use roots.io/bedrock or other custom thư mục structure

add_filter( "itw_abspath", "modify_itw_abspath", 10, 2 );function modify_itw_abspath( $abspath ) return trailingslashit( WP_CONTENT_DIR );$images_to_webp->convert_image()Maybe you want lớn automatically generate Web
P for other plugins

add_action( "XXPLUGIN_image_created", "XX_images_to_webp", 10, 2 );function XX_images_to_webp( $image_path ) global $images_to_webp; $images_to_webp->convert_image( $image_path );

Cài đặt

Upload images-to-webp directory khổng lồ the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in Word

Hỏi đáp

Plugin requirements

It should work almost everywhere