Cutting You
Tube videos & creating GIFs from You
Tube videos are some of the lesser-known đoạn phim sharing tricks on You
Tube. Khổng lồ perform these tricks, read the following article by Mytour

Typically, to download videos from You
Tube quickly, people often use You
Tube Downloader. With You
Tube Downloader HD software, users can quickly grab the You
Tube links and tải về it to lớn their computer. There are also music tracks on You
Tube that captivate you, making you want khổng lồ copy them directly to your music player lớn listen lớn every day. With this method, you can also use the trick lớn extract music from You
Tube without software lớn get mp3 music tracks from the videos on You

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Alternatively, if you want to lớn cut You
Tube videos, create GIFs from You
Tube videos to nội dung with friends, what should you do? check out the tricks below.

Amazing Tips for Sharing Videos on You
Tube That Few Know About

1. Sharing You
Tube Videos as GIFs

It"s quite simple, just replace the phrase "" in the browser URL with "". At this point, a third-party software will assist you in cutting, segmenting, and converting your You
Tube clip into a GIF.


2. Editing Videos Before Sharing

To share a video video clip on Facebook, Twitter, or other social networks, you typically hit the tóm tắt button và the URL code within the Embed tag will be pushed onto the platform of your choice.

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However, if you only want to share a specific segment of a You
Tube video, follow these steps.Copy “?start=ss&end=ss” to the end of the URL code, where "ss" represents the starting and ending seconds of the segment you want khổng lồ share.


3. Sharing Videos from a Custom Time Stamp

To save time for your friends and create allure with your You
Tube đoạn clip post, it"s best to share videos from a designated time stamp.To vày this, đầu vào the code "#t=XXm
at the kết thúc of the You
Tube URL you"re about to share. Here, XXm represents the minutes và XXs represents the seconds you want to lớn start playing. For example, if in the Mytour picture, you want viewers lớn start from the 40th second, địa chỉ “#t=40s” after the video.


The aforementioned tricks somewhat help you nội dung You
Tube videos as you wish khổng lồ your friends. If you come across a good You
Tube video clip but don"t have enough time lớn watch it all, save the You
Tube video to watch later whenever you want.

If you pay attention while watching videos on You
Tube, you"ll notice occasional đoạn phim suggestions or channels from other developers on the clip screen. This can be annoying as you have to constantly dismiss these notifications. Instead, you can permanently remove the suggested channels on You
Tube khổng lồ avoid encountering this situation again. Wishing you success!


Tạo hình ảnh GIF từ video trực đường trên You


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