Their skills, experience, who they are working with, what their previous employers have to lớn say about them, their charges, etc.

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The same happens when someone is looking lớn hire you as a freelancer. People need to know you before knowing you. Confused?

The first thing a prospect wants lớn know about a freelancer is ‘freelance bio.’

Learn more about writing a freelance bio:

1. What is a freelance bio?

“You never get a second chance khổng lồ make a first impression.” ~ Will Rogers

Your freelance bio is your chance to make an impactful first impression on your potential clients, fellow freelancers, and anyone you consider your target audience.

There is always more to lớn freelancing than your chip core skill & serving your clients. You need a bio for your clients that introduces you khổng lồ them và how you can help them.

Simply put, a freelance bio is a short one-paragraph summary of your career as a freelancer. It includes things lượt thích your accomplishments, experience, expertise, etc. It is like a mini-portfolio, an elevator pitch, or a cover letter.

2. Why is it important to lớn have a killer bio as a freelancer?

Your freelance bio is the best way of making yourself stand out from the multiple other freelancers in a similar niche in the market. It has the power lớn get you hired as soon as your target audience goes through your bio.

An eye-catching freelance bio makes it easier for others khổng lồ connect with you và thus helps build genuine relationships & trust with others. 


3. What should be included in your freelance bio?

3.1. Your Name

3.2. Who do you help? Who is your target audience? OR Who will read this bio?

3.3. What bởi vì you help them with?

3.4. Where vày you live? (if necessary)When your target audience sees the above three parts, they will know whether you are the right person to lớn help them or not. Now, we are going khổng lồ help them make a decision.

3.5. Years of experience in your skill (if needed)

3.6. Client’s Benefit (Why should the client choose you? What is the benefit that they will get if they decide to work with you?) – In this part, you can mention any of these four things:

Your USPAny huge brand name(s) that you have previously worked withAny exceptional results you’ve got for your previous clientsAny achievements or accomplishments you have.

Basically, you include anything that boosts your credibility and makes people trust you.

3.7. CTA (Call-to-Action) – how can your potential clients reach out lớn you or work with you

See how Laura showcases her bio, products, & services on Check

Create your profile on Check

4. Framework khổng lồ create a killer freelance bio in 5 easy steps.

4.1. Know who you are

You cannot thiết kế websites, write content, or be a social truyền thông manager for everyone. You are a freelancer, not an agency. Moreover, if you don’t have anything you specialize in, you cannot pitch khổng lồ the right people who will pay you.

So, either choose your services OR choose your audience OR choose both.

It’s not that you cannot vì chưng everything, but there can be only one way you pitch, depending on the client’s requirements và your expertise.

4.2. Write a solid first line

The first line of your bio acts as a Hook. There’s only ONE job of the hook – to capture your audience’s attention & get them lớn read your entire bio.

You can include your introduction with the hook or introduce yourself after your hook. Your introduction should help the prospect or the reader khổng lồ know who you are, who you help, và how you help them.

4.3. Earn their trust

People buy from the people they know, trust, and like.

The “Trust” part comes from this particular segment. địa chỉ cửa hàng one or more of these three:

Well-known names in the industry who you’ve worked with. It helps your clients to lớn be more confident in your skills when they see that other bigger brands trust you. Exceptional results you have generated for yourself or your clients in terms of revenues, traffic or social media growth, etc., like the following. The more people you’ve generated results for, the more trustworthy you become.

Achievements or accomplishments in the industry like features, special mentions, guest speaking opportunities, etc.

4.4. Connect with a Personal Touch

A cherry on the cake is if you can include your hobbies, interests, personal stories or anything that adds to your personality. It helps your prospects khổng lồ connect with you better, và helps you connect with your potential clients better.

When you chia sẻ your other interests & beliefs on your social truyền thông media profiles, brands might also reach out to you for brand collaborations. For example, if you are a freelance content writer who loves animals, you might reach out to lớn or be reached out by a brand manufacturing pet food.

4.5. Help Them Reach Out lớn You

Lastly, don’t forget to add a CTA, an abbreviation for ‘Call-to-Action”, that helps your prospects and target audience lớn know how they can reach out to lớn you better.

On social truyền thông media websites, it is often the “link in bio,” the “Featured Section” of Linkedin, your DMs, or your email ID in the About section of Linked
In. On your website, it is usually your thư điện tử address or a “Contact us” form.

Without a CTA, your prospects don’t know what the next step they should take in case they are interested khổng lồ learn more about you or work with you.

You can have different CTAs based on what you want people to vì next on each platform you’re a part of.

 Here’s an example of how social truyền thông manager Monika adds a CTA to lớn her Instagram bio.

5. Writing a Freelance Bio – Do’s & Don’ts.

Here are some additional DOs và DON’Ts lớn help you write a fantastic freelance bio.

5.1. DO’s

5.1.1. Reflect your skills – Which one of these vì you think is more impactful? “Hi, I’m a nội dung writer” OR “Hi, I’m an SEO nội dung writing professional”? The latter, right? Because it is more specific. That’s what your bio should reflect – your expertise.

5.1.2. Be your best client – What vì chưng we mean by this?

If you are a nội dung Writer or Copywriter, but your bio isn’t well-written,If you are a Social truyền thông Manager, but your social profiles are not optimized,If you are a trang web designer, but your trang web has a crappy design, Why would someone hire you?

5.1.3. Update your bio – Whenever there is a new result that you can chia sẻ or a new achievement or when the current bio is outdated.

5.1.4. Have a consistent bio across all the platforms – As shared earlier, your bio is your introduction lớn your target audience on whichever platform you have a presence on. You don’t live with different personalities, so why should your bio convey different meanings?

5.2. DON’Ts

5.2.1. Don’t lie in your freelance bio or kém chất lượng anything because your portfolio won’t. No matter how amazing your bio is, if your portfolio doesn’t match the quality of your bio, it might tarnish your perception in the eyes of your target audience.

5.2.2. Don’t clutter your bio – I know you want to convey as much information as possible, but don’t make it huge lượt thích an About page. Remember that your bio is the highlight, not the entire portfolio.

5.2.3. Don’t be boring – While professionalism is required in freelancing, you need lớn bring out your personality to build a connection và work better together.

6. Freelance bio world-class examples.

6.1. Kat Boogaard

The first thing is “Ugh. The dreaded ‘Tell me about yourself question”. It is very relatable, and she tried to lớn make it humorous by talking about her sweatpants. Then finally, she revealed what kind of content she writes. You can find out more about her here.

Now let’s look at her social profiles.

The first line is again very relatable for freelancers và people who are into uncommon industries. It also subtly tells you that she has worked in this field for the last 6 years. Then she explained her point & then came lớn what she does. Interesting, isn’t it?

She has depicted her credibility with her past và current clients. We lượt thích how she has shown her pride in herself with the “dust shoulder off” text.

Lastly, she explained her other passions, showing her personal goals & interests. She can connect with potential clients on those lines or get clients from there. For example, she can get a client in the educational tên miền or connect with someone passionate about education. She can also attract other freelancers to check her website, learn from her and purchase her digital products.

She has taken care of her entire personal brand in this bio. It’s a good balance of capturing attention, credibility, and connection. 

Her Instagram và Twitter bio is almost the same, prioritizing what she values the most – helping other freelancers and getting hired as a freelancer (along with showing her credibility).

Since her personal brand is about being a Founder/Entrepreneur & a top-notch copywriter, “writer at heart và entrepreneur by design” perfectly describes her.

Her Instagram bio perfectly describes what she does. It demonstrates her credibility with “ft. Forbes and 200K YT”. She has a clear CTA asking people khổng lồ DM her.

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On Youtube, she has mentioned some parts of her personal side by sharing what she likes doing in her leisure time.

Note that it is a different CTA here than her Instagram CTA because she wants her audience to take different actions after reading the bio or going through her profile.

“Virtual Assistant cheerleader” is the hook showing what she does. “Amateur beatboxer” is the personal touch, & the last line is the CTA.

“Ready to lớn work from home/make money from home?” is the hook in this case. It is a short but impactful bio.

It creates an emotional connection with the target audience by saying, “take control of your family’s financial future while doing what you love!”

This is a structured example where he first talks about what he does as a Business và Mindset coach and then explains the three ways lớn help his target audience with what he does, along with a simple CTA. The same goes for his website below.

It clearly states that George is a customer journey expert who helps entrepreneurs build và scale. By mentioning his family first, he already proved that relationships are a higher priority for him than algorithms or business.

Heston has mentioned the video clip schedule in the About section because the audience might want lớn know about the same. He has also included a message for new và existing subscribers, which is also unique.

7. Freelancer bio templates for you to lớn copy.

7.1. Freelance Bio Template 1:

My name is ___________ và I am a Freelance ___________.

I live in ___________, I have been in the designing & kinh doanh industry for over __________ months/years.

I don’t just thiết kế website for clients, I help my clients vày ___________, ___________ & ___________ (results you can get) with the help of ___________ & ___________ (your skills) lớn ___________, __________, __________ & ____________ (The benefits they will get from the results)

→ Send me a DM today lớn make inquiries và let’s talk more about your business và how I can help you.

7.2. Freelance Bio Template 2:

___________ is a Freelance ___________ (Title), helping ___________ (Audience/Niche) with ___________, ___________ và ___________. He/she has worked with brands like ___________, ___________, ___________, & ___________ along with other achievements lượt thích ___________. He/She is a ___________, ___________ (include hobbies) from ___________ (place). Please reach out lớn me at ___________ (Email ID or trang web domain).

7.3. Freelance Bio Template 3:

___________ is a Freelance ___________. For the past ___________ (Years Working There), he/she has worked on ___________. He/She is passionate about ___________ (Career Field) because ___________ (Why Are You Passionate About Your Job?). He/she has been recognized in their field for ___________ (Professional Accomplishments). In their spare time, he/she enjoys ___________ (Hobbies). He/she currently lives in ___________ (Where You Live) helping ___________ (target audience) with ___________ (what you do). If you want lớn know more about him/her, reach out at ___________ (email/contact/DM).

7.4. Freelance Bio Template 4:

___________ is a professional freelance ___________ whose primary goal is to ___________. Her specialty is ___________ and ___________, with the majority of her clients being ___________.

(Beliefs và story) In the ten years that she has been working as a freelance ___________, he/she has had his/her work featured in ___________. S/he has proudly worked with over ___________ clients.

When s/he’s not working, ___________ (Name) enjoys ___________ (hobbies). She currently lives in ___________ (Place) with ___________ (Family).

7.5. Freelance Bio Template 5:

___________ (Name) is a professional freelance ___________ who helps ___________ to ___________.

Before this, S/he worked/studied ___________ (years) as a ___________ (role) at ___________ (institute). After ___________ (accomplishments/worked with XX brands in your industry), S/he now ___________ them on how lớn ___________. S/he enjoys ___________ & ___________ (hobbies). S/he is available for ___________ (results) and private consultations. You can reach out at ___________.

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We know you hate talking about yourself. But a short bio is essential for any freelancer. Here's how to write one that will land you jobs.

In today's fast-paced, social media-driven world, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. Whether you're trying khổng lồ land a new job or get noticed by a potential employer, one way khổng lồ make sure you're remembered is to lớn have a short professional bio on hand. 

Why? Because in just a few sentences, you can give a potential employer or client a snapshot of who you are và what you do. And if you're carefully thoughtful about what you include, your professional bio can also be an effective marketing tool, helping you lớn attract new clients and business opportunities. 

So if you're looking for a way khổng lồ make sure you're always remembered, consider crafting a short professional bio. It just might be the secret weapon you've been missing.

What is a short bio? 

A short professional bio is a brief introduction to lớn your work history, skills, và qualifications. Think of it as an elevator pitch for your career. Unlike a resume – which is a dry recitation of facts – or a personal biography about your personal life, a short professional bio is an opportunity to show off your personality and give potential employers a sense of what you're lượt thích to work with. 

So don't be afraid to lớn be creative, and don't be afraid khổng lồ let your voice shine through – you can even think of it as a personal professional bio. After all, this is your chance khổng lồ make a great first impression.

Where vị you use a short bio? 

A short bio can be used anywhere you need to present your professional accomplishments succinctly. That could be your professional webpage, Linked
In summary, a resume, a presentation, your personal website, or a submission for a conference. You’ll probably have to tweak it slightly for each purpose, but having a standard short bio worked out is super helpful when you’re ready to bởi that.

How khổng lồ write a short bio 

The key to lớn writing a short bio is khổng lồ Keep It Short & Simple (KISS). In other words, don't try lớn cram your life story into a few sentences — just hit the highlights. Write in the third person and use active language to describe your accomplishments. 

And don't be afraid to lớn show some personality. After all, people want khổng lồ know what makes you unique.

At the minimum, makes sure your bio includes:

Your name
Professional statement
What you do
Your accomplishments
Your goals
A personal fact (if appropriate)Contact info (if appropriate)Call to action (if appropriate)

Now here’s what writing a personable professional bio looks like in greater detail:

Introduce yourself. State your name, occupation, & any notable achievements. For example, "My name is Lashawn Evans. I am a freelance writer with 10 years of experience và bylines in major publications."Describe your motivations. Why bởi you vày what you do? What drives you to lớn succeed? For example, "I love writing và helping others communicate their ideas. I am motivated by the challenge of learning new things & by the satisfaction of a job well done."Describe accomplishments. What have you achieved in your field? For example, "I have written for several major publications, been quoted in The thành phố new york Times, and given speeches at national conferences.”Highlight some goals. What are you hoping lớn achieve? For example, “My ultimate goal is lớn run my own content marketing agency that helps underserved communities thrive in the digital world.Include tương tác information. Include your website, blog, Twitter handle, or other tương tác information. But only địa chỉ cửa hàng it if it’s something the reader will need, lượt thích an email signature. A lot of people choose not to địa chỉ cửa hàng it in places where people they wouldn’t like to have it can get their hands on it, lượt thích a website bio. This is also where you can include your điện thoại tư vấn to action, by asking people to reach out via email or DM.

Tips for writing a great short bio  

Now that you know what the meat of your short bio is, let’s throw in a little bit of sauce to lớn spice it up. Keep these tips in mind for writing a truly stand-out short bio.

Keep the length appropriate. Keep it concise: A professional bio should be no more than a few sentences long. Aim for around 100-200 words.Make it relevant to lớn the audience. Who is reading this bio? Is it a professional community? A reader on a website? A recruiter? A marketing manager? Tweak each version to lớn fit the target audience.Proofread for typos and errors. A few typos can quickly turn an otherwise great bio into an embarrassment. Make sure lớn read over your bio several times before hitting send. Or, better yet, ask a trusted friend or colleague lớn take a look as well.Make it true khổng lồ you. If your working style is kind of irreverent, it’s okay lớn make your bio kind of irreverent, too. The goal of your bio is mở cửa up new professional opportunities for you, so show them who you really are. (While still staying professional, of course.Link to your professional sites. Be sure lớn include any portfolio sites, professional websites, or networking profiles, like Linked
In, that might be relevant.Make it memorable. No one wants khổng lồ read a boring bio, so make sure yours is full of personality & intrigue. Nói qua an interesting story or funny anecdote that will capture your reader's attention.

Short bio templates

You can also use a short bio template to lớn help you get started. Here’s a first person and a third person one for you to lớn fill in the blanks. (Note: Although we generally recommend third person bios, for search engine reasons, there are instances where you’ll need a first person one, lượt thích on some freelance marketplaces.)

Third person bio template 

is a with of experience. has a strong interest in & has . Outside of work, enjoys spending time with .

First person bio template

I am a & have been working in the field for . I am passionate about và enjoy . I am excited khổng lồ .

Examples of great short bios of freelancers

Sometimes the best way lớn learn is lớn imitate the greats. Check out these three great short bio from successful freelancers as models for how to craft your own.

Ashley C. Ford

"Ashley C. Ford is the tác giả of the thủ đô new york Times bestselling memoir, Somebody’s Daughter, published by Flatiron Books. Ford is the former co-host of The HBO companion podcast Lovecraft Country Radio, và the current host of Ben & Jerry’s Into The Mix. She currently lives in Indianapolis, Indiana with her husband, poet & fiction writer Kelly Stacy, & their chocolate lab Astro Renegade Ford-Stacy.”

Matthew Mandravelis

Designer in New York, NY, United States

“Matthew is a 30-times, award-winning, lead-product UX/UI designer, advisor, & creative director with more than twelve years of hands-on experience. He's worked with leading Fortune 500 brands và startups, including Disney, Samsung, Sony, Adidas, BMW, Lufthansa, lớn bring impact via innovation. Matthew's mission is khổng lồ deliver the most efficient, engaging, innovative, và high-quality experience with an emphasis on user experience.” 

Tadej Slamic

Software Developer in Oslo, Norway

"With over a decade in the software industry, Tadej has helped startups launch their first product, assisted FTSE 100 enterprises with digital transformation, been a part of the fintech boom, & helped particle accelerators cool down. He loves creating scalable back ends and is an expert in crafting modern & performant mobile, web, và desktop apps.”


A short bio is a great way to introduce yourself khổng lồ potential clients và colleagues. It's a snapshot of your professional experience & accomplishments that can be used on your website, Linked
In profile, or in email signatures. 

When writing your bio, keep it brief and focus on the most important information. Start by stating your name và what you do. Then danh sách your education and professional experience. Be sure to lớn highlight any awards or accomplishments that you're proud of. Finally, end with a brief statement about what you're looking for in a new opportunity. 

A short bio can be one or two short paragraphs, but it's important lớn make every word count. Think about the most important things you want people to lớn know about you and focus on those points. Keep it updated as your career progresses so that potential clients và employers have the most up-to-date information.